Property Investments

Kinsmen structures property investments for retail and wholesale investors and joint venture partners. Our Property Funds typically focus on one class of asset e.g. commercial property, however they can range from single assets through to a geographically diversified portfolio.

Funds can also have a long term investment focus or a shorter term development focus and in some instances contain both. Our long term property ownership funds focus on yield and regular income distributions. These funds are typically suitable for retail and wholesale investors. 

Due to the higher risk / high return nature of property development, our development funds are targeted to wholesale investors only. Profits are usually distributed at the end of the fund when the developed assets have been sold.  

Kinsmen currently seeks to identify partners to work with on the formation of a fund focussing on a portfolio of retirement living assets to leverage its significant experience and expertise in this area.  Please contact us if this is of interest to you.