Other Investment Opportunities

Kinsmen also, from time-to-time, develops investment opportunities outside of the its core disciplines, and as with its private equity opportunities, seeks to offer these to its investor base. Products include managed equities funds, hedge funds, foreign currency, deposit / savings, health, etc. These products could suit both retail and wholesale investors, however the risk profiles vary and individuals need to make an assessment as to the suitability of these products on a case by case basis. Please refer below for current opportunities.


Kinsmen collaborated with Vspry Australia (Vspry) to establish the Vspry Live Well Trust, a new retail managed investment scheme that offers everybody a unique and cost saving alternative to Private Health Cover. A Vspry account is just like a bank account, but the money you save is used to pay for health and wellness expenses for you, your family and even your pets.  Please click on the link below to explore the product features and obtain a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement.

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