Mortgage Funds

Kinsmen leverages the extensive experience of its leadership team to identify, evaluate and manage lending opportunities, whilst matching these to the needs of investors. Our Mortgage Funds are either Pooled Funds or Contributory Funds (sometimes called Select).

A Pooled Fund is where investors contribute funds to a single investment vehicle or “Pool”. From the outset, the manager outlines the type of loans to be written, and then proceeds to lend from the pool of funds at their sole discretion.  Pooled Funds can be open ended with some form of liquidity mechanism for investors to enter or leave during the term of the fund, or they can be closed funds with a fixed term.

 A Contributory Fund is where investors select the individual loans they would like to participate in.  Once a commitment is made to a loan, the investor is locked in for the loan term. At maturity, loan proceeds are generally returned to investors who may then choose to reinvest in another loan on offer at the time. 

Kinsmen works with a large number of external mortgage brokers to provide a range of investment opportunities that can be available in both Pooled or Contributory Funds.  Refer below for current investment opportunities.

Kinsmen Capital Mortgage Fund

The Kinsmen Capital Mortgage Fund (“the Fund”) provides investors with the option to participate in a Pooled or Contributory structure within the one fund.  The objective of the Fund is to offer Investors an alternative source of regular income.  All loans are secured by a registered mortgage over real property assets.  Download the flyer below for further information or contact us for a copy of the Information Memorandum when it's available.